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Cryptocurrecy Trading

A modern dimension of trading

You are now in the position to use cryptocurrencies for your trades, in a quick, secure and convenient way with us. Trading with cryptocurrencies is not depending on any specific technical knowledge and it is not required from you to create some virtual wallets. What you need to do is just use our active web trader and begin your trading activity.



Trading with cryptocurrencies at your fingertips

Get the advantages of the free real-time quotes and charts within our trading platform on your pc, smartphone or tablet.

Progressive Charting Tools

Progressive and intuitive trading platform, with professional charting tools without any additional charge, which can be used on any version of our platforms – pc, smartphone and tablet!

Risk Management Instruments

You can select the desired thresholds when trading cryptocurrencies (Stop Loss, Take Profit and others), in order to bring your trading performance to a higher level.

Protected Trading Platform

Store and manage your digital assets using the most secure, compliant, and user-friendly custody solution on the market.


Presented in 2009 Most famous digital currency Its market capitalization is about $162 billion


Presented in 2015 Cultured cryptography technology Its market capitalization of about $21billion


Presented in 2012 The fastest digital asset, allowing payments to be processes all over the world Its market capitalisation is about $6.5billion


Presented in 2011 Faster block generation rate than Bitcoin Its market capitalization is about $13 Billion