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Correct Trading Requirements to Refund Policy

Refund And Cancellation Policy: The company covers its trades automatically, based on a mathematical calculation of exposure. The company is entitled to cancel any trade, made outside of the automatic calculation for any reason it decides, no matter the type or position. Arbitrage trading / scalping trading methods are not accepted in any type or form and will be considered as an illegal transaction.

Refund Example: The client is entitled for a full refund on his unused funds, in case the client lost his funds, there is no refund for these funds and the company will not be held responsible. In order to receive the refund, the client needs to present with a full KYC documents. After having those documents we will process the request and the company will initiate the process of refund to the same deposit method given by the client at first excluding transfer fees.


Currency Pairs















2.5 pips

2.5 pips

2.7 pips

4.4 pips

2.9 pips

2.3 pips

2.6 pips

2.8 pips

2.5 pips

2.5 pips

3.0 pips

3.0 pips


0.7 pips

1.1 pips

0.9 pips

2.0 pips

1.5 pips

0.5 pips

0.8 pips

1.4 pips

1.1 pips

1.1 pips

1.4 pips

1.4 pips

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