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Trading Natural Gas

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Natural Gas Heaters and Natural Gas Power Plants

People at the present are using natural gas radiators for numerous reasons which are both related to the environment and money related. These radiators/furnaces do not require high maintenance costs; they don’t break down regularly and utilize the cheapest and cleanest raw fuel accessible. The natural gas radiators work well in any domestic environment.

Natural gas power plants and how it works: one big power plant can produce sufficient power for around 200,000 houses. The unimaginable thing is that indeed the fossil fuel it burns has large amount of energy. These natural gas plants burn tremendous amounts of fuel and each bit is full of power, which is discharged as heat, the heat turns a machine called a turbine, which powers a generator. The advantages are less pollution, less contamination, and with the modern innovation used, it results in cleaner energy production and is much more cost effective than other fuels.

Price of Natural Gas

Different factors can have impact of the price of the natural gas, including:
  • The effect of regular climate conditions, counting tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • Economic development: The demand for this asset raises in a strong economy, with this the price of natural gas goes up.
  • Raw oil price variances: If the price of raw oil rises, the products produced in the refineries also raise.
  • Supply of natural gas: The reserves kept across the US have a big effect on the price. Reduction in US natural gas inventories predicts an upcoming mass buying, which drives the demand and the price of natural gas futures higher
  • Time spreads – when the traders bet on the next season, it could be warmer or colder, creating a higher demand and the price of natural gas goes up.
There are also various markets within the natural gas market. A spot market is when the prices represent the supply and demand on a specific date. If there is a shortage, then the prices can become volatile and change rapidly. The futures market is determined mostly by variables on expected supply and demand of upcoming seasons. This tends to be less volatile.