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Trends 2023

Nobody has a crystal ball, but after a whiplash-inducing 2022, we as investing experts are considering the forces that will shape 2023.

However, there are some positive trends emerging out of this investing winter, leading us into a crypto year. There are major trends that are emerging in the investing industry, which are likely to dominate in 2023, a year that seems like it will be fraught with change.

We analyze trends and global markets strategy we expect this year

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Cryptocurrency is global and influenced by trends

A move to more reliable assets

Bitcoin is going to lead the market recovery, as it always has. Investors will look to assets that have proven themselves to be reliable over the years and there is no better choice than bitcoin. Ethereum will also be a strong asset as it has such a strong presence in the DeFi space.

Stablecoins becoming more prominent

Stablecoins also play a vital role in volatile periods as capital flow into more stable assets.

Meme coins taking over

If there’s one trend that seems like it will never go out of fashion, it’s meme coins.

These special tokens always operate according to their own will, and sometimes they outright go against market trends. It’s unsurprising since they operate a lot on pure hype.

Real-world mirroring

One of the most interesting concepts with decentralized technology is how it can be used to mirror real-life events in a metaverse. There is no project that is doing this well than metaverse that mirrors the real world

Commodities Outlook

Entering 2023, the view was the global oil market would remain tight but balanced

Brent oil

After maintaining our price view for eleven months, despite more pessimistic expectations for balances over the next few months, we find the underlying trends in the market supportive and expect global Brent benchmark price to average $90/bbl in 2023 and $98/bbl in 2024

Gas. Geopolitics to shape market

The geopolitical struggle will continue to govern the dynamics of global gas markets in 2023, as LNG is the main short- to mid-term option for Europe to counter the reduction in Russian pipeline supplies. Global liquefied natural gas demand is likely to surpass 400 million tons in 2023. Most of the LNG supply growth will come from the resumption of normal operation at plants under maintenance in 2022.


Following the substantial pressures of last year, global capital markets open a new chapter in 2023 with a mix of nervous uncertainties and exciting possibilities.

In 2023, we may see more buyer/seller agreement on valuations, clarity on the trajectory of interest rates and inflation

The global energy transition is a second big theme this year, turbocharged as nations seek greater energy security while also trying to fulfill recent emissions reduction pledges.

Investing in technology that anticipates the future

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